About Pegasus

Our Focus

We are committed to helping insurance professionals successfully distribute life and annuity products to the Hispanic and Middle class markets across America. We can supply you with the tools and programs to help you obtain better penetration and higher sales in this market than what you have done on your own in the past.

Work Ethic

You will never hear from us that anything is easy. Any successful entrepreneur has to put in the time and the hard work.  We have crafted exclusive products and systems that can simplify your sales process and help you reach clients that you will never reach on your own.

Over 40 Years of Experience

With over 40 years of sales experience you will never be left out in the cold. Unlike other marketing organizations, we still sell insurance every day. We understand what you go through in the field and do everything to help you submit, process and expedite your business through the new business process.

Digital Focus

In 5 years this industry drastically different to what we see and do today. The fact is that the independent agent is under attack from huge corporations, insurance carriers themselves and even players that have not yet entered our market. What we have done here at Pegasus is found the best technological solutions to help you stay on top of these changes and never become obsolete. Let us help you work with the next generation of life products and show you how you can 1) Speed up your underwriting, 2) Get instant approval & 3) Start selling direct to the consumer through the internet. Here is just one of our products that is years ahead of the competition.

Digital Portfolio

Pegasus has different online solutions that can help you quote, apply and submit your applications faster than ever. We will help you build a portfolio of carriers and products that can help you meet the demand of the changing consumer.

How can Pegasus help?

Other marketing organizations provide only iGO. Here at Pegasus we have a the solutions that you need to start growing your business the right way. Digital life insurance is still on the ground floor and taking off very rapidly. If you are not in on the start, you will be left behind. Don’t you wish you could go back and invest in Google in its infancy? You have your second chance to start in an industry currently ruled by paper. Let us help you create a brand new distribution and sell on the web!

Who is MANO?

MANO is a corporation that Pegasus founded for this electronic revolution. Through us and our partners we have the very best that insurance technology has to offer today. The future of the insurance industry is uncertain. Working with us provides the stability that you need to succeed today and in the future.

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