Monday, January 4, 2016

HAPPY 2016!

How time flies.  Seems like it was just yesterday that we were welcoming 2015 and now here we are in a New Year.  No sense talking about what was; instead lets talk about what is and that is NOW.  If you are like me you’ve been preparing for this year for a couple of weeks in anticipation.  Here are a tips to kickstart 2016:

  1. Be Disciplined –  95% of success is just showing up and knowing what to do.  So JUST DO IT!  Don’t fool yourself by just making a resolution.  Keeping the resolution is the central key to a successful endeavor.  Big difference between making and keeping a resolution.
  2. Be Organized – A sloppy work environment is not conducive to success.  In fact, it is an indication of your work habits.  Clear up the desk and your briefcase so you can find the things you need to keep track of your activities.

Be Accountable – You can’t measure success if you don’t write down your goals and then keep track of your activities.  A Personal Journal of all your activities is essential to success.  This Journal is your roadmap.  Review it every day.  I think they are so important that I have two of them.  I have a journal for my personal life and one for my business life.  I have never known a successful business person that didn’t keep a journal.

Everything an agent should know for 2016

It’s The Economy!

Stocks start the new year by plunging!  The market opened 400 points down and S&P fell below 2000.  Whew!  The wild ride of 2015 carries over to the new year.  Blame China people say.  Manufacturing is way down for them and their market actually was halted when they fell more than 7%.  Blame the Middle East others say.  Iran and Saudi Arabia are fighting.  Double whew!  What are prognosticators saying is in store for 2016?  They say it is going to copy 2015 and that was a flat year with the Dow and S&P virtually the same from January 1 to December 31…with wild swings in between.  In other words, what a great time to be talking to your clients about their savings and future retirement plans.  They are looking for safety and stability and that is another word for annuities and life insurance.  Our Mantra at Pegasus is “Keep what you have and Spend what you Keep!”   Our dedicated team of annuity specialists, Carlos and Jane, are ready to help you with the annuity needs of your clients.  With over 40 years of experience between the 2 of them you can be assured of the best advice and products.  And that is why they are with Pegasus.  As for life insurance there is no better advice or products than what we have in the Pegasus organization.  Our combined experience of over 77 years is available to all of you.  Simply call 505-298-2111 or email any of us.  Our email addresses are at the bottom of this Blog

The New Pegasus Website

The Pegasus Website,, has a new look!  Justin has done a marvelous job with this site and we are very proud of it.  It is full of items for today’s agent with links to our concepts, products and companies.  Register on this site for your own password so that you can take advantage of everything that Justin has put in there.  For more information on what this site has to offer simply call us at 505-298-2111 for a personal walk through.  Man, we are on fire!

Go Digital or Go Home! Do You Have A Website?

Online sales were up over 20% this holiday season compared to 8% for brick and mortar stores.  This is the latest example of the need for a website for all insurance agents.  This is a must.  This is your digital business card. Consumers want to buy items on the Net.   Many agents don’t have one and that hurts.  Ouch!  WELL, LOOK AT OUR NEWEST OFFER.   Pegasus is making a personalized website just for you.  This website was created for today’s agent by Justin with input from leading insurance professionals.  In other words, it is a website created for agents by agents.  Finally!  Check out this offer at cost is only $9.99 a month!  This website will be personalized with your logo, your name, your photo, your lead system and it includes the only online term product in the industry today, VIVA LIFE.  As other companies go online we will be adding them.  If you don’t have a website and can’t spend $9.99 a month for one then you should seriously reconsider your role in this industry.  More stuff will be coming on this but don’t wait.  Call Pegasus now for this opportunity.  We anticipate a huge demand for this site so get in early before our developer is overwhelmed.

Oil at a 17-Year Low

It’s a story that dominated 2015, and now weary commodities traders are asking if it will stick around for 2016 too. 2015 was a terrible year for oil industry, with crude sliding all the way to $35 a barrel, where it has hit a floor, of sorts. This slide despite continued unrest in the Middle East and oil fields coming offline as a supply glut persists.

Lawsuit Over Fiduciary Rule

According to industry insiders, when (and if) the Department of Labor finally enacts its proposed fiduciary rule, the measure will likely be challenged in court. There are several scenarios in which “DOL officials would have to defend their fiduciary rule under oath.”  We at Pegasus are following this matter very closely.  This is something that could affect us all very seriously if this rule passes as it is written now.  Insurance agents need to contact their congressional representatives on this matter now.  And I never thought I would be advocating that because many of you know the regard I hold congress in!


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