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JD Moya

Founder, With over 40 years of experience JD is well versed in all aspects of the life insurance industry. What makes JD stand out from other marketers is that he still sells something everyday. This continued effort gives JD the ability to let you know what is still working with consumers today. Email JD today


Gale Moya

President, Co-Founder, With over 20 years of experience Gale’s product knowledge can be helpful in writing your cases. She has built good solid relationship with our carriers and is well rounded with ALL aspects of the business. She creates marketing pieces targeted for the Hispanic Market and is also an active Independent agent. She is always willing to help with most any need you may have. Email Gale Today

Justin Moya

Marketing & Case Development, Justin Provides support to agents, running illustrations or providing guidance In offering suggestions for best products . He Provides online education for agents through live digital trainings and is an active Independent agent. Email Justin Today

Angelica Garcia

Case Management, Angelica is the most recent addition to the Pegasus case management team. She is very proficient in working with all agents and is learning how navigate the every day problems that may occur with new business underwriting. Angelica is fluent in both English and Spanish and is always a pleasant voice to speak with. Email Angelica Today

Abelardo Vela

Regional Director of SouthEast Texas Abelardo Vela is the head of operations for the Pegasus office in Harlingen, Texas.  He is well versed in selling layered plans with term and Index Universal Life policies. With his core group of agents he works with only Hispanic consumers and educating them on that values of a proper financial plan. Email Abelardo Today


Kattia Zucchetti

Independent Financial Professional,
Kattia brings over 21 years of experience in the insurance industry specializing in helping people in Hispanic communities. Besides her vast knowledge of selling insurance products, she recruits and trains new agents. Kattia has enabled people to improve their lives through financial security; whether it is selling a policy for peace of mind or creating a new career as an agent. She loves helping people. Email Kattia Today

Matt Benore

Regional Director of Denver, CO,  Matt Benore, with over 18 years in the insurance industry, is an expert in assisting agents in determining the best company and product for an agents particular client. This expertise saves agents an enormous amount of time by relying on Matt and allows agents to do what they do best…SELL! Email Matt Today

Sabino Garcia Dallas

Sabino Garcia

Regional Support – Dallas,TX, Sabino has 27 years experience in the Insurance Industry working with agents as well as recruiting and training new agents. Sabino is knowledgeable in sales and setting/structuring appointments and is fluent in Spanish. Email Sabino Today

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